Three Quick Lessons Learned in my First Month at LMS

The first full month and a half of LMS Marketing & Communications has been a total whirlwind but has far exceeded my expectations. We started out by announcing the USL’s Midyear Update, highlighting the league’s many achievements thus far in 2017. Then we hit the road with the CONCACAF Gold Cup, visiting great soccer cities like Nashville, Tampa, Cleveland (which totally rocks!), Philadelphia and Dallas. We also partnered with new friends and amazing professionals out of Mexico City to promote Eintracht Frankfurt during their first preseason visit to the U.S. The month capped off working with a breakthrough partnership agreement for the league, and a slew of USL expansion in Fresno, Birmingham, Austin and Las Vegas.

Amidst all the excitement of the past six weeks, three things quickly stood out to me.

1. Put in the time to develop your network. I have been very fortunate to work with and alongside some of the best people in sports, specifically auto racing and soccer. Thankfully those same contacts, and new ones more recently developed, are generating incredible opportunities that could not be possible without their collaboration, partnership and effort. Make sure you put in the time to cultivate a strong network of contacts, and follow up on a regular basis. Be selfless in helping them as the rewards are ten-fold at least.

2. Delegate to the experts. When running a small business, it is easy to want to manage every aspect, from finance to marketing to website design. If you dedicate the time and have some knowledge in each, you will probably be fine doing so. However, why let that eat up so much of your valuable time? When you place a few things into the capable hands of experts, you can focus on driving more value for your clients and growing your business.

3. Enjoy the ride! This project is a dream come true for me. I get to travel and work in new cities across the country, build new relationships in the industry, and chase exciting opportunities that can lead to future growth. It won’t always be rainbows and unicorns (purple ones if you ask my daughter), but that’s ok because there’s a lesson in each obstacle you overcome. I started down this path for a reason, and the bigger picture must always remain in focus regardless of the speedbumps (or caution flags).

This isn’t groundbreaking material here but these real-life lessons, when heeded, can clear the road to success and make the ride there that much more enjoyable. Until next time my friends!